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About Us

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Father & son team of Chris and Kosta Kotsaboikidis of New York Furs from Toronto, Canada, inspecting FHA’s fine collection of Ranch Silver Fox.

In 1923, New York Furs opened its doors to the public in what is now referred to as Toronto’s fashion district. Since then, New York Furs has been a full-service fur store providing quality and customer care that comes second to none. Owners Chris and Peter Kotsaboikidis combined, share decades of experience in the fur trade and industry. They attend a wide range of International fur auctions including NAFA, American Legend, Sojuzpushnina, SAGA, Kopenhagen, and Fur Fairs such as the Hong Kong Fur Fair, Fur Excellence in Athens, Greece and MIFUR in Milan, Italy, to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest trends and styles. They encompass the skill and knowledge required to purchase raw materials required in personally manufacturing and tailoring garments, and create top quality fur garments for day-to-day wear or specific occasions – whatever the client desires.

New York Furs is Toronto's #1 source for elegant Fur apparel and clothing. We don't just make and create fashionable fur styles, we live it.