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201079-fur1New York Furs' complete Fur Storage program offers you the finest in fur care. You are welcome to personally bring in your fur to our showroom, or call 416-597-6911 to enquire about our service.

Cold Fur Storage

Fur loves to breathe! We recommend and supply cloth garment bags as the air circulates to ensure your fur garment stays fresh and maintains its quality.

We provide a storage facility at our downtown Toronto location. Storing your fur is critical to the garment’s life span. All furs are stored in our secure, temperature and humidity-controlled storage vault, providing the ideal storage environment for optimum fur care. Humidified air is continually circulated throughout the vault, keeping natural oils from drying out, and maintaining the garment’s quality.


Repairs & Alterations

Our repair/alteration services include repairing rips and tears, replacement of lining, fur hemming, cuff edges, shortening hem, adjusting to your body (“fitting”), lengthening or shortening sleeves, armholes, shoulders etc.

Minor repairs, for example, fixing loose buttons, and fastening hooks and rings are also available to our customers at no extra charge.

Have a piece of clothing you would love to put some fur on? Give us a call. We’re known to add quality pieces to the inside of sweaters, jackets, etc. at a reasonable price!

Professional Fur Cleaning

The fur cleaning process is recommended once a year, but at the very least should be done once every two years. This is in order to protect and restore the natural lustre [not sure which word you are trying to use here] of your fur by removing any dirt, salt, and oils that accumulates during a season and which can be harmful to the quality of the fur.

Regardless of use, furs must be cleaned and glazed each year. The leather material used to back the pelts must be moisturized annually in order to prevent premature cracking and drying.

Whether you’ve been a longstanding customer or are new to NYF, we invite you to visit us for any questions or concerns you may have with your garment(s).